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What Our Customers Say

Jeff Quintin Picture

We have always been a prospecting-based team. Over the years we have tried many products for tracking our lead generation activities. ClarityNOW is by far the best we have used! It is clean and simple to use and makes running our company easier. It was made by agents and coaches that really understand our needs. I highly recommend ClarityNOW to all real estate agents that want to track their business at a higher level!

Jeff Quintin


The Quintin Group

Jim Roch Picture

There are more than 35 agents on my team. With a large team, ClarityNOW gives me the tools I need to be the best CEO I can be to run my business. I have a profit goal, and ClarityNOW instantly lets me know when we are off track. My one-on-ones maximize data to get the most GCI for my agents. Any real estate CEO that does not use ClarityNOW is leaving money on the table.

Jim Roche

CEO/Team Lead

Jim Roche Real Estate Team

Melissa Belpanno Picture

Having ClarityNOW at our fingertips–with the goal-setting abilities for our team–has made a huge difference! We had $12M in sales starting in September and HOPED for $15M with no real plan. After using ClarityNOW (and seeing what we needed to do), we are now closing +$16M by December. We've had our best Q4 ever when all other agents report a slump. I can’t recommend ClarityNOW enough!

Melissa Belpanno


The Belpanno Team

Cory Wilson Picture

ClarityNOW has helped us double our business in the last 12 months!

Cory Wilson


Live Frederick. Sell Frederick


Lucas Howard Picture

ClarityNOW gives me and my team confidence in any market because I always know my numbers. We don’t have to fuss with spreadsheets or guess. The numbers guide our business and empower my team to hit their goals. No more guesswork, no more worrying about knowing how we are doing. ClarityNOW gives me all the numbers I need to run a successful business. Every team must get ClarityNOW.

Lucas Howard


Lucas Howard Group

Raul Mendez Picture

It takes the guesswork out of my weekly coaching sessions with my agents. Stop winging it and start running your real estate practice like a BUSINESS!

Raul Mendez


Prosper Real Estate Group

Craig Zuber Picture

ClarityNOW is an effective CEO coaching tool that gets everyone you coach literally on the same page and aligned with their growth targets. Be a better coach for your clients by having them use ClarityNOW!

Craig Zuber

MAPS Executive Coach

Kyle Harrison Picture

ClarityNOW brings immediate value to my clients because it was built through the lens of a coach. Vital numbers and factors like seasonality helps me and my coaching clients maximize their profitability. If you want more out of your data, then I highly recommend ClarityNOW!

Kyle Harrison

MAPS Executive Coach

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