How to Generate Seller Leads

Dec 6, 2022 5:42:14 PM · 3 min read

The founder of The Lawrence Group, CEO Nathan Lawrence, sits down with Coach Zuber to answer the question, "What are you winning at right now?"

Residing in Panama City, Florida, Nathan put together a team thriving in the real estate market. After grossing approximately three million in commission last year, Nathan sits down with Coach Zuber to share the secrets of his company's success.  

Being proactive and intentional

Nathan believes his company's proactivity and intentionality have allowed them to thrive in an ever-changing economy. He uses intentionality, marketing, and motivation when conducting business. Intentionality is necessary to answer the never-ending question, where is our future business coming from? Proactive marketing is the response to that question. 

The ability to obtain leads is paramount. So, Nathan's team continues proactively finding and servicing new clients through the internet or consistent circle prospecting. With seven years of success behind them, this group has the right mindset and uses the tools needed to succeed.

Using circle prospecting to generate leads on demand

Nathan elaborates on the reasons for his company's success, emphasizing being intentional and proactive in his activities. For example, the Lawrence Group has recently added "circle prospecting" to its business model. By using circle prospecting, the group has expanded its lead pool. Using this strategy, they have more flexibility to gain new clients. The more they employ this strategy, the more success they see.

How does circle prospecting work? This new addition to Nathan's team is a lead-generation strategy that places agents in the driver's seat when seeking new clients. Circle prospecting is about controlling how you generate leads, how many, and when.

Circle prospecting is focusing on an area where you have, or can come up with, a reason to reach out to potential home sellers and deliver a scripted message. 

Let's look at one example. Using an open house as a reference point, you draw a 'circle' around said house on a map. Then, utilizing the proximity of your potential sale, you can call around that open house and generate a new pool of leads to follow up with. These leads are of better quality than typical online home valuation leads.

The company is generating leads and booking two appointments weekly, which they project will double in the coming months. Tha Lawrence Group's latest approach provides fast, market-ready leads on demand.  

Creating Awareness

Why are leads generated through circle prospecting easier to generate and of better quality? The answer can be summed up as awareness. Real estate has an attraction element to it, making geographic proximity pertinent. When a person does something, it provokes the attention of those around them. But with a million things happening daily, how do we decide what sticks? At its core, activating awareness is a process that limits and filters what our brains internalize. This function allows our brains to censor the world around us, dictating what we'll focus on.

For example, imagine you bought a red KIA. Tomorrow as you drive to work, you start seeing red KIAs everywhere. Why? The amount of them hasn't changed overnight. But now you're more aware of them. That is because your brain activated the awareness that had previously been implanted and highlighted red KIAs. 

Similarly, if your house were being sold, it would bring the general idea of real estate to your mind. It can make you more conscious of other homes for sale, or you may remember your great-aunt who was looking to move. This idea helps an agent because a new seed has already been planted. It has taken root not only in you but also in those around you. Circle prospecting simply uses that seed to grow potential sales.

Proactive circle prospecting allows Nathan's business to change with the market without being contingent upon it. "We don't believe that where the market is, determines how our market is," he explains.

Summing it up

While many quickly make excuses for their performance, Nathan finds it arbitrary to blame things like the economy. He believes in hard work and motivation. In other words, simply having a lead isn't enough to generate a sale. Motivation is paramount in a competitive market.

"Being motivated to achieve a goal is easy," he says. However, finding the discipline to sustain that drive is easier said than done. With years in business, he believes the secret behind The Lawrence Group's success is its tenacity. Staying on course and achieving seemingly mundane tasks is needed to achieve the overall goal.

Utilizing this framework, The Lawrence Group made roughly 400 transactions last year alone. As they prepare for the times ahead, they trust that their tactics and persistence will carry them through.

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