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Deep dive into the ClarityNOW features reshaping how real estate coaches can help professionals operate their businesses today.

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As an Executive Coach with Keller Williams MAPS Coaching, ClarityNOW creates value for my clients. They have made tracking numbers simple! I also love that this software was built through the lens of a coach. ClarityNOW makes it easy to keep track of these vital numbers and factors in seasonality while focusing on profitability. If you or your clients want to get better results, then I highly recommend ClarityNOW!

Coach Kyle Harrison

Executive Coach with Keller Williams MAPS Coaching

ClarityNOW for Coaches

ClarityNOW was built by coaches who wanted to help their own clients – here’s how you can help your clients think bigger and unlock their potential.


Achieve Consistency for All Your Clients

Streamline your coaching practice with consistent business plans, financial tracking, and organization across all your clients – no more wasting time and effort trying to make sense of different spreadsheets.

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Get One Portal for All Your Clients

View all your clients’ ClarityNOW accounts from your centralized coaching portal, and switch between meetings without a hiccup.


Get the Info You Need to Be a Better Coach

Help your client stay on track to achieve their goals with curated business planning and Goal/Gap reports – our profit-first economic model helps agents determine their profit goals and track their business processes until they hit those goals.

ClarityNOW aligns the coaching conversation with MREA more than any other platform. It quickly allows me to see the client's business through the 4 MREA models and allows me to focus the conversation on how my client is thinking. I can help them make good decisions that will move them closer to their goals faster. Less time spent on locating or interpreting data. Faster planning, more efficient decision making, higher and simpler accountability–that's ClarityNOW! I have found less resistance from my clients and their admins in determining weekly profitability by using the platform. This is huge!

Carlos Herran

Real Estate Coach

Help Your Clients Level Up Their Real Estate Business

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