Become a better coach

See how ClarityNOW's features reshape how real estate coaches help clients operate their businesses today. ClarityNOW is FREE for coaches! Check out this short video on how you can instantly improve your coaching session by using ClarityNOW.

ClarityNOW is an effective CEO coaching tool that gets everyone you coach literally on the same page and aligned with their growth targets. Be a better coach for your clients by having them use ClarityNOW!

Craig Zuber

Executive Coach with Keller Williams MAPS Coaching

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ClarityNOW for Coaches

ClarityNOW was built by coaches who wanted to help their own clients – here’s how you can help your clients think bigger and unlock their potential.


Achieve Consistency for All Your Clients

Streamline your coaching practice with consistent business plans, financial tracking, and organization across all your clients – no more wasting time and effort trying to make sense of different spreadsheets.

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Get One Portal for All Your Clients

View all your clients’ ClarityNOW accounts from your centralized coaching portal, and switch between meetings without a hiccup.


Get the Info You Need to Be a Better Coach

Help your client stay on track to achieve their goals with curated business planning and Goal/Gap reports – our profit-first economic model helps agents determine their profit goals and track their business processes until they hit those goals.

Make your job as a coach EASIER!

✅ ClarityNOW is free for coaches 

✅ Get all your clients on one platform

✅ Help clients create a simple profit-focused business plan

✅ Monitor and track goals using our Goal/Gap Report

✅ Lead more effective, goal-focused coaching sessions

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