Heidi Fore: Going Above and Beyond to Give Back from a Successful Real Estate Career

Nov 21, 2022 6:00:00 AM · 3 min read

Heidi Fore has faced many challenges in her life, but that has not stopped her from achieving success. She is a real estate coach, agent, property investor, and business owner. If that is not enough, she has been able to find success in all these fields and find fulfillment through volunteering at orphanages in Jamaica. Here she shares some advice on how to succeed no matter the circumstances. 


Achieve Success by Breaking Down Your End Goal 

Aside from her coaching gig that teaches clients how to buy rental properties successfully, Heidi Fore is living proof of her investment success tips. With 53 rental properties to generate the primary source of income for her family, she is now a well-renowned name in the industry. Her ultimate goal is to move to Jamaica and continue her work with children in orphanages. To accomplish this, she needed to achieve passive income. Let’s dive into our conversation and learn from her ambition and focus.  


So let's just go back to 2018, what was it about that year that led up to you making the decision to start focusing on this? 

“Sure, first I have to go back to 2015 to get there. In 2015, I went to volunteer at an orphanage in Jamaica in Montego Bay, and I absolutely fell in love with the 26 kids there. I just felt like I needed to spend more time helping them. So, I moved to Jamaica for 3.5 years in 2015, and my real estate business in Kentucky, Indiana, and Ohio still continued without me. The team still sold over 100 units a year every year that I was out of the country, which is great, that's totally props to the team's leaders. But when I came back from Jamaica at the end of 2018, I knew that it wasn't gonna be good forever. And someday I'll go back to Jamaica, and if that children's home needs a director, my husband and I want to be able to say, yeah, we're here..but that would mean we would need to completely have our rental properties replace all of our other income and have completely passive income.” 


So it sounds like you got pretty clear, pretty intention. You came back, and now we're in 2018. So now what, what exactly did you do? 

“We started off just renting out our homes as Airbnb’s. So we had a vacation home in Costa Rica, and we had a home in Kentucky and Louisville, and we started off renting those and finding ourselves moving to another home, a new home. And we've done that. We kept doing that– move somewhere, fix it up, keep it as a rental, move somewhere, fix it up, keep it as a rental. I started realizing there was this one particular zip code in our area where the rents were high and the purchase prices were low. And so I got very determined and purposeful about buying in that zip code. I started making myself go once a week to networking events where there would be investors there that might want to sell me their homes or know someone that would. I started sending out postcards every month to that ZIP code. 

I started Facebook ads for that ZIP code and letting people in my world, my friends and family know I want to buy here and that's it. I signed myself up for MLS searches, and I signed myself up on auction sites for that specific area.”  


So four years later, you have 53 properties, and you have the website FindYourBigLife.com. How close are you to that freedom number of being able to get back to Jamaica and get back to the top of the hill? 

“I just have to keep all my properties rented out. We're good, we could go back, we can go back. So in a four-year period of time with focus and intentionality and commitment and execution, you've basically accomplished the ability to fund your big life.”  


What specific instructions would tell entrepreneurs if they want to achieve their goals in two years or three years versus four years?  

“It's easy,  block time every day to look for properties that meet your criteria and talk to enough people to get a lead every day. It always comes down to 20 conversations today, doesn't it? And whatever we're trying to do seems that way. The conversations you have, the more you learn, the more opportunities are created and the more you achieve.” 


Heidi's path to financial freedom is a bigger path with a bigger cause. She is focused and intentional, working her way to the ultimate goal. She is an inspiration and a testimony of what real estate can do for people. Her generosity and talents will be used in amazing ways for the children in Jamacia. Godspeed, Heidi!




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